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pregnant woman holding an ultrasoundMy name is Natasha and my husband’s name is John. We are a happily married couple living in upstate New York and are both aged in our late 30’s. Our family consists of a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Jack whose greenish-blue eyes will make your heart melt. Our home also contains two Labradors named Charlie and Freya, who will beg you for food irrespective of whether they have just eaten or not, and a cat named Lex who is determined to rule the roost.

Jack’s arrival has changed our world. Yet there was a time when we didn’t know whether Jack would ever arrive. Having decided 7 years ago to try for a child we encountered many difficulties along the way resulting in arduous times for John and myself. Our inability to get pregnant naturally led us to IVF where, as an older couple (35 at the time), we unfortunately experienced three failed attempts. The financial strain as a result of the IVF failures as well as the emotional pain was extremely difficult for both of us to deal with. It was only at our fourth attempt that we were finally and thankfully given the miracle gift that is Jack.

We are forever grateful for Jack and cannot express our absolute joy that we experienced upon his arrival. Although we are new to the world of blogging we are super excited to undertake this new project as we feel that this blog contains information that is very close to our hearts. We hope you enjoy our blog and find the information both comforting and informative!


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