Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful period for a woman, but it’s not your chance to sit on your comfortable couch and munching all day. Staying active and fit has many positive effects on your pregnancy.

Staying fit enhances your chances of pregnancy

Yes, that’s true, your chances of getting pregnant rises when you are are the optimum body fat percentage. Being overweight and underweight affects your menstrual cycle which ultimately affects your pregnancy.

Being overweight is linked to hormonal issues and insulin resistance that might restrain you from getting pregnant. The same goes for men, overweight and obese men are found to have low testosterone levels and impaired sperm quality.

Daily exercise will boost your energy level

Daily exercise while pregnancy will help you maintain good energy levels, it will improve the blood flow and keep the stress aside.

Will help you better sleep

Finding the right position to sleep can be really difficult especially after 6th months of pregnancy, a daily workout will help you achieve good restful sleep.

Labor and delivery will be easier

Strong abs and fit cardiovascular system will surely help you with the delivery. Regular yoga or body weight exercise can give you more oomph and stamina for the pushing stage. 

Low mood swings

Mood swings are common while pregnancy, but regular workout can keep the mood swings in control. Exercise improves your self-image, which can suffer when you start to gain weight, some studies have proven that women who did regular workout gained 7 pounds lesser than women who didn’t.  

Less constipation

The intestinal tract of pregnant ladies is often backed due to high progesterone levels and a growing uterus. But regular yoga and exercise can keep your digestive tract clear and healthy.

Your baby’s health

Your baby’s health also depends on the health of the mother, some studies stated that mothers health affects the athletic performance of the baby. This happens because of the hormonal levels of mother that affects the basic structure and testosterone levels of the baby.

Recover faster

Yes, regular exercise while pregnancy will help you bounce back to the normal health with a faster pace. They just seem to cope better with the demands of new motherhood.

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