Being pregnant for the first time is a whole new experience, you will be going through mood swings, mental trauma, pain, emotional roller coasters, etc, but good friends can help you with the situation in a much better way.

Friends are someone with whom you can laugh, share or fight and they can effectively relax your mind with their presence. Here are a few ways good friends can help you while you are pregnant.


Who doesn’t like a company? Sometimes best therapy you can get is meeking your best friend and talking about random stuff, being pregnant can be a difficult time for many women and having a loyal and trustworthy friend is the primary requirement to ease the pain.

Mental support

Sometimes only a friend can understand your exact feel and it can be quite difficult for someone to make other understand. Good can listen to you and give you proper guidance on how to do things while going through mental and physical stress, a friend is the only requirement.

Accompany to doctor

Father is not always available for the doctor visit, but a good friend is always a great company to visit your doctor, friends can support you in better consultation and make the experience better.


Your husband is not always entitled to understand the feeling of being a mother, but a friend who has gone through the same is the best person to have a detailed consultation. Friends who have already been a mother can make you aware of coming situations.

Defend you

Sometimes a good friend is the best person to rescue, whether you need a chair to sit or break a queue, a mom-to-be can be bit hesitant but friends can help you with the situation with quite an ease.

friends can help

Plan a babysitter party

Being a mother is not easy, you will be required to devote many sleeps, but before you have a baby, your friends can fulfill your needs to enjoy the time and can facilitate some last ladies night out parties.


Suppose you are having a craving for some citrus fruit or a pastry and you just shared your thought with a friend on phone. Guess what? You can expect to see surprise visit of your friend with all the things you were craving for.

Be available

You don’t always have a materialistic requirement, sometimes you just need someone available to have a small talk over the phone, and a good friend is always available to do so.

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