Giving birth to a baby is indeed a beautiful experience for every mother but there are few things that need to be taken care of after the delivery. Mother’s body changes drastically while the phase of pregnancy and it’s important to know the practical process to get your body on a normal track again.

after birth

Be prepared for the following body changes

Hair loss: few weeks after the delivery you may experience heavy hair fall, while in the pregnancy women lose fewer hairs because of the hormonal changes but body will compensate that with heavy hairloss after the pregnancy.

Skin color: some mothers experience brighter and acne free skin postpartum, while some experience skin redness and rashes.

Changes in the breast: this happens because of the accumulation of the milk in the breast, your breast might get puffy, swollen and sore just after the delivery.

Major changes in the stomach: don’t expect your stomach to be same as before, the stomach is the most affected area of pregnancy and you will be experience water retention, fluffiness and stretch marks. Your uterus will be oversized and will take some to get into normal size, don’t panic.

Inconsistent urination and constipation

Without the baby pushing your organs, you won’t be experiencing the frequent urination, and you might experience some constipation because of the sudden change in pressure to organs.

How to embrace the experience?

Take newborn pictures: one of the best ways to capture the moment is to hire a professional photographer who can freeze some memorable moments for you.

Birth story: ever thought about writing a birth story? It’s a great way to preserve the beautiful memories forever.

Collect hospital things: so you have started writing a birth story, make is more meaningful with attaching the memorable things within those diary pages. Whether hospital bracelets or the name card from the baby’s crib. Preserve anything that has a story behind it.

Make a wish list: create a wish list of things to do after the delivery and how you like to experience the new innings of your life.

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