Getting a bun in the oven can be a difficult and emotional process. In most cases, having trouble to conceive awakens negative emotions and can bring your psychology down. This includes having second thoughts and asking yourself whether the partner you are trying to have a baby with is the right one. It is completely normal to have such thoughts running through your mind but it can actually lower your chances of conceiving even more. It is studied how psychology can either boost fertility or negatively affect fertility.

It is indicated that a woman undergoing emotional stress can have a negative impact on her reproductive cycle causing it to dysfunction. That is the reason when women are upset or going through a difficult time, their period becomes inconsistent. Having issues with conceiving, women tend to be more stressful as shown in a study from the Italian fertility journal in 2005. It was found that women, who have fertility issues, tend to have higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone is also responsible for preventing ovulation to take place.

In the previously mentioned study, it was also found that the reproductive cycles of more than 5% of women were affected by stress. This results in all these women having trouble conceiving.

It might sound easy for most of us to conceive but there are many women and men in the US that are unable to have a baby. No matter the reason why you are unable to conceive, we can only imagine how you and your partner felt when hearing the news.

Some of the emotions and psychological problems you must be going through right now include the following:

  • anger
  • guilt
  • self-blame
  • sadness
  • depression

The above psychological issues are some of the most common issues that all couples go through after being told that they are not fertile or can be more difficult for them to conceive. It is expected from most couples to have these emotions but what they actually do is not only bring the couple down and cause issues in their relationship or marriage but they can also result in having even fewer chances to conceive.

Much like any emotional distress can cause reproductive problems, so will emotional stress. To be more exact, it was discovered that negative thoughts and emotional stress have a direct relationship with fertility problems. The more negative thoughts you have fewer chances there are to conceive a child.

According to Dr. Andrea Mechanick Braverman, she indicates how difficult it is to remain calm and avoid stress while trying to have a baby. It is a stressful situation when you are finally trying to conceive and it is also an unavoidable situation to have such emotions. A lot of women believe that it is easy to conceive on their first try whereas women only have 20 to 25 percent chance to conceive. Those chances decrease as women get older. Since women do not have enough knowledge in the matter, they become more and more stressful if they try and are not able to conceive on their first few attempts. Waiting for your next ovulation is another aspect that brings more and more stress since you know that you have to wait until the next time you ovulate. As the months go by, stress and discomfort build up.

There are a lot of stories that cause couples to build up stress including stories such as how couples conceive when they are away on vacation or once they adopt a child. As a result, couples who are exposed to such stories create the misconception that it is their fault that they cannot conceive and this cannot but build even more stress for those couples.

It is wise to find your inner peace or even consult with a therapist who will help decrease your negative emotions and emotional stress and increase your chances of conceiving.

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