Everyone wants to have a baby. Having a baby is amazing news for all couples. However, some couples seem to not be able to conceive a baby as much as they are trying. This comes along with great psychological, emotional, physical and financial stress. The stress is not only caused to the person that cannot conceive. It is something that is transferred to both parties of the couple.

Nearly ¼ of women report some kind of negative effect infertility on their relationships. This is more profound in new couples. But, the same women also say that infertility can, in fact, strengthen a relationship if it is approached correctly.

Is infertility a woman only issue?

No, it is not. However, in ancient years people used to believe only one thing. That all infertilities were caused by women and that infertility is 100% women’s fault. Even if men couldn’t produce enough sperm, ancient folks believed that it was caused because the woman was not turning him on enough. Well, this is false-science.

It doesn’t matter who is causing the infertility issue in a couple but one thing that is sure is that all men and women should be able to have children. The social stigma of infertility, however, still persists even in 2018. There are people that are afraid to talk about it. Men are worried that the world will see them as not men enough if they discuss how they are unable to conceive.

This is causing people that are facing infertility to feel alone. They may think that they are the only couple in the world that is facing this issue. However, there are many couples that cannot get pregnant as much as they are trying.

 You are not alone in this journey!

Listen, you are not alone nor this is your fault! This is not caused because you did something wrong or whatever! Don’t be ashamed to share this with your loved ones so they can support you and help you on this journey.

Blaming yourself or your partner will not help you conceive a child. But staying close and support each other is what will strengthen your relationship! Don’t try to punish yourself and try to get help as soon as possible. If you are still young, there is a lot of chance that a specialist can help you conceive. Success rates are high for the ages below 35! Don’t let this put you down! Rise up and Hight against it! Support your loved one so that your loved one supports you back!


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