In the case where you have a new man in your life, it is almost impossible to know whether that one is worth being with or not. You should ask yourself, is he up to my standards? Is he worth spending my time with? Or is he subtly raising red flags that indicate he is not the one? If he is charming and has the looks of a supermodel, it can be easier to get distracted and look at things that really matter. That might cause some real issues in the long run though and you could end up heartbroken. It is our duty to inform you and educate you on the red flags that you might encounter.

Here are the 5 red flags when dating you should look for:

  1. He is forcing his decisions on yours

If he has the need to be on top of every decision you make and trying to make everything his way, that can be toxic. Just because you are dating that does not mean you don’t have your own opinion or you need his permission before deciding or doing anything.

A loving partner must be there for his other half and give his advice instead of forcing his decisions and giving you no other choice. You should be able to make your own decisions and take his advice, not simply following his say just because he said so.

  1. Too soon to be in love?

Let us set the word straight, there is love at first sight but love at first week is a tat too early. Is he telling you he is in love with you all of a sudden or after a make out session? Well, he is not that in love with you, instead that is him wanting to get into your pants. There are hundreds of guys and ladies who will simply say the ‘l’ word just to get laid. And there will always be someone who will fall for that.

There are two possible explanations to him saying he is in love with you on your third date. That is the reason we mentioned above, to get in your pants or he is trying to get a hold on you so that he recover from someone else. Either way, stay away from this guy.

  1. Too clingy?

Is he relying on you way too much? When was the last time he made a decision on his own? Is he always taking your word instead of having an opinion of his own? If he is the type of guy who allows his partner to take all the decisions for him, then that makes him weak. It also indicates how he does not have his own personality or has difficulty in figuring out what he wants.

You should be looking for a partner who is independent enough to take his own decisions and not someone who’s looking for a girlfriend/mother.

  1. Does he have a short-temper?

Do you find him being angry all the time? Is he taking it out on you when you had nothing to do with it? Or is he rude to anyone? This is another red flag you should avoid.

If he is constantly having a short-temper, it will be a major problem in your relationship. You will eventually be afraid to speak up your mind and won’t be able to go anywhere with him just in case he takes it out on anyone including you. It shows exactly what type of man he is and how he is handling situations.

  1. Is he older?

Are you looking to create a family with an older man? Then, get your facts right. It will be harder for you to conceive from a man in his 70s or 80s. It will most likely take years to do so with a man of that age. In the case where a man is a few years older than you, it will also take some time but not as much as it would with an older guy.

The older a man is, the longer it will take him to get his partner pregnant. The chance of conception taking more than a year is:

  • about eight percent when the man is under 25
  • about 15 percent when the man is over 35

Be careful of these red flags when it comes to dating a new guy. You do not want to end up head over heels and then left heartbroken because of the above. We warned you. Happy dating!

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