When it comes to pregnancy, there are a lot of factors that shape success and failure. Some of these are widely known and accepted. These factors include the age of a woman, whether either partner uses tobacco or alcohol, and whether the prospective female is overweight or not. But what about the risk-factors for interracial couples during pregnancy? Is it easier or harder to successfully give birth when you are part of an interracial relationship? Do success rates and pregnancy differ based on the race of the woman who falls pregnant? Let’s explore that question now.

Southern Asian women are more likely to experience stillbirth


Unfortunately, when it comes to couples in which the female partner is Southern Asian, the risk of a failed pregnancy is significantly higher. Southern Asian women are more likely to carry smaller babies. What this means is that there is an increased likelihood of losing the infant at birth as a result. Additionally, mortality rates for infants born to Southern Asian mothers are high for most other common causes of infant death including fever, placenta abruption, and congenital abnormality.

Mortality rates for mothers are much higher for African-American women


Although societal progress has meant that mortality rates for mothers in the United States is significantly lower than in decades past, black women are still more than four times more likely to experience maternal mortality compared to white women. The underlying factor here lies in poorer healthcare options for a clear majority of African-American women which is unacceptable in today’s modern times. Clearly, we need to equalize health-care to ensure the same care is available to all.

Pre-eclampsia is higher amongst Black women than other races

Unfortunately, black women also appear to be more likely to experience gestational hypertension than mothers of other races. It is not entirely known why this is the case, but it is believed to be due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

Asian mums and non-Asian dads in combination are at higher risk of gestational diabetes


Interestingly, an Asian mom carrying the child of a white man has a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes than all other couples. The result of this is often the need for a C-section. One suggestion for why this might be the case is that Asian couples historically have smaller babies than all other races. So, when a white man impregnates an Asian woman it is likely that her pelvis may not be able to accommodate a baby that would otherwise be homed within a white woman.

Hispanic women are more likely to abstain from drugs and alcohol


As alcohol and tobacco use is considered a major risk-factor that can negatively affect someone’s chances of conceiving, Hispanic women are at a major advantage due to their ability to abstain from alcohol and cigarettes when getting pregnant. Studies have shown that Hispanic women report the lowest rates of alcohol and drug use during pregnancy compared to white and black women which would obviously give them a greater chance at a successful pregnancy than their counterparts.

Despite these factors though,  and with more mixed race children being born due to interracial relationships, it is likely that safer pregnancy will continue to be a focus moving forward. With careful concern and a healthcare system that is accessible to everyone, it is likely pregnancies will continue to improve success rate as they have over the past few centuries.


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