Finding the right partner – The first step towards conception

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Have you ever thought who is going to be the partner of your life? The perfect man or woman that you are going to have children together. In case that you tried to start an interracial relationship using free interracial dating sites then you probably want a loving partner in your life.

There are so many relationship advice which you can find online but if you choose the wrong partner then nothing can help you. This is the first thing that you have to consider. We are all doing this mistake especially women. They are hurry to find the perfect man, they choose the wrong guy and then they are wondering what’s wrong. You have to realize from the beginning if your partner wants the same things that you want. If this is not happening then you can’t convince another human to do this for you. Feelings are not negotiable.

Lots of women wasting their time chasing guys who don’t interested in a serious relationship. If they are not interested in a serious relationship how these men can become fathers after all? This happens because we fall in love blindly and we can’t see the truth. Passion takes over and we get stuck with the wrong partner. First steps are the most important in a relationship. You just have to be careful and find out what your partner is looking for.

If you find out that your relationship does not worth it then you have to move on. Don’t think that this relationship was the last one and you can’t move on. Keep searching for the love of your life and you will find it for sure. We all have a soul mate somewhere. We just have to be patient and have faith.

You think he doesn’t take Responsibility

Trying to figure out if someone is not the ideal for you? Check for some responsibility. Does your partner take the responsibility when it’s not your fault or you take all the blame? If your partner can’t admit when he’s wrong then how is going to understand your feelings?

This can be caused from social issues of a human. This is when someone can’t understand the other person’s perspective. This might can happen later in a relationship and not at the beginning. It starts suddenly and everything it’s wrong for him.

So if you have any of these issues in your relationship then you have to understand that this is not your loving partner. Be careful at the beginning find out if you want the same things and then you can proceed.

Advice when supporting a loved one through pregnancy difficulties

supporting a loved one

Being pregnant for the first time can be a quite difficult experience for most of the women, she goes through the mental trauma, mood swings, and pain.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, friends are one of the best support systems a woman might need through her pregnancy phase.
Let’s get directly on the point, they need your support, encouragement, and compassion. Here are few tips to support your loved ones through pregnancy difficulties.

Frequent visits

The most annoying thing about pregnancy is the anxiety and negative thoughts that run constantly in her mind, your visit can help in reliving the pre-pregnancy anxiety.
Most of the pregnant women feel lonely because their husband goes to work and they have to stay at home all day, just having a quick chat with someone is a great way to boost the mood.

Some pampering

Insecurities are some of the biggest drawbacks of the pregnancy, its a phase when she loses her perfect figure, goes through all the hormonal changes, and feel left out.
You can support your loved one by taking them for the regular shopping activities, take them to the parlor for regular grooming, or just have a pizza together.

Accompany her

Feeling left alone is the most common feeling women get while they are pregnant, being present for the important events will surely make her feel good.
Accompany her to the routine doctor visits, take her to the yoga workshops that can make help her stay calm and fit. There are many yoga workshops available that are specially developed to help pregnant women.

supporting a loved one

Party is a good idea

She won’t be able to have a girl’s night for a while once the baby comes, you can plan some friends get together to celebrate the last few days of freedom.
One last night out will friends can be the most joyous moment for her and will assist in calming the nerves.  

Stay available

Remember, she just expects your presence and availability. She is just expecting someone who can help in the preparation of home, who can help in some daily groceries shopping, someone who can make her feel better, overall she is just expecting your time.

Staying fit to enhance your chances

staying fit

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful period for a woman, but it’s not your chance to sit on your comfortable couch and munching all day. Staying active and fit has many positive effects on your pregnancy.

Staying fit enhances your chances of pregnancy

Yes, that’s true, your chances of getting pregnant rises when you are are the optimum body fat percentage. Being overweight and underweight affects your menstrual cycle which ultimately affects your pregnancy.

Being overweight is linked to hormonal issues and insulin resistance that might restrain you from getting pregnant. The same goes for men, overweight and obese men are found to have low testosterone levels and impaired sperm quality.

Daily exercise will boost your energy level

Daily exercise while pregnancy will help you maintain good energy levels, it will improve the blood flow and keep the stress aside.

Will help you better sleep

Finding the right position to sleep can be really difficult especially after 6th months of pregnancy, a daily workout will help you achieve good restful sleep.

Labor and delivery will be easier

Strong abs and fit cardiovascular system will surely help you with the delivery. Regular yoga or body weight exercise can give you more oomph and stamina for the pushing stage. 

Low mood swings

Mood swings are common while pregnancy, but regular workout can keep the mood swings in control. Exercise improves your self-image, which can suffer when you start to gain weight, some studies have proven that women who did regular workout gained 7 pounds lesser than women who didn’t.  

Less constipation

The intestinal tract of pregnant ladies is often backed due to high progesterone levels and a growing uterus. But regular yoga and exercise can keep your digestive tract clear and healthy.

Your baby’s health

Your baby’s health also depends on the health of the mother, some studies stated that mothers health affects the athletic performance of the baby. This happens because of the hormonal levels of mother that affects the basic structure and testosterone levels of the baby.

Recover faster

Yes, regular exercise while pregnancy will help you bounce back to the normal health with a faster pace. They just seem to cope better with the demands of new motherhood.

Good friends can help in more ways than you could ever imagine

friends can help

Being pregnant for the first time is a whole new experience, you will be going through mood swings, mental trauma, pain, emotional roller coasters, etc, but good friends can help you with the situation in a much better way.

Friends are someone with whom you can laugh, share or fight and they can effectively relax your mind with their presence. Here are a few ways good friends can help you while you are pregnant.


Who doesn’t like a company? Sometimes best therapy you can get is meeking your best friend and talking about random stuff, being pregnant can be a difficult time for many women and having a loyal and trustworthy friend is the primary requirement to ease the pain.

Mental support

Sometimes only a friend can understand your exact feel and it can be quite difficult for someone to make other understand. Good can listen to you and give you proper guidance on how to do things while going through mental and physical stress, a friend is the only requirement.

Accompany to doctor

Father is not always available for the doctor visit, but a good friend is always a great company to visit your doctor, friends can support you in better consultation and make the experience better.


Your husband is not always entitled to understand the feeling of being a mother, but a friend who has gone through the same is the best person to have a detailed consultation. Friends who have already been a mother can make you aware of coming situations.

Defend you

Sometimes a good friend is the best person to rescue, whether you need a chair to sit or break a queue, a mom-to-be can be bit hesitant but friends can help you with the situation with quite an ease.

friends can help

Plan a babysitter party

Being a mother is not easy, you will be required to devote many sleeps, but before you have a baby, your friends can fulfill your needs to enjoy the time and can facilitate some last ladies night out parties.


Suppose you are having a craving for some citrus fruit or a pastry and you just shared your thought with a friend on phone. Guess what? You can expect to see surprise visit of your friend with all the things you were craving for.

Be available

You don’t always have a materialistic requirement, sometimes you just need someone available to have a small talk over the phone, and a good friend is always available to do so.

Tips To Help You Get On Top Of Things After The Birth Of Your Child

after birth

Giving birth to a baby is indeed a beautiful experience for every mother but there are few things that need to be taken care of after the delivery. Mother’s body changes drastically while the phase of pregnancy and it’s important to know the practical process to get your body on a normal track again.

after birth

Be prepared for the following body changes

Hair loss: few weeks after the delivery you may experience heavy hair fall, while in the pregnancy women lose fewer hairs because of the hormonal changes but body will compensate that with heavy hairloss after the pregnancy.

Skin color: some mothers experience brighter and acne free skin postpartum, while some experience skin redness and rashes.

Changes in the breast: this happens because of the accumulation of the milk in the breast, your breast might get puffy, swollen and sore just after the delivery.

Major changes in the stomach: don’t expect your stomach to be same as before, the stomach is the most affected area of pregnancy and you will be experience water retention, fluffiness and stretch marks. Your uterus will be oversized and will take some to get into normal size, don’t panic.

Inconsistent urination and constipation

Without the baby pushing your organs, you won’t be experiencing the frequent urination, and you might experience some constipation because of the sudden change in pressure to organs.

How to embrace the experience?

Take newborn pictures: one of the best ways to capture the moment is to hire a professional photographer who can freeze some memorable moments for you.

Birth story: ever thought about writing a birth story? It’s a great way to preserve the beautiful memories forever.

Collect hospital things: so you have started writing a birth story, make is more meaningful with attaching the memorable things within those diary pages. Whether hospital bracelets or the name card from the baby’s crib. Preserve anything that has a story behind it.

Make a wish list: create a wish list of things to do after the delivery and how you like to experience the new innings of your life.

Support Networks Extend Past The Family When Struggling With Pregnancy

pregancy support

Experiencing pregnancy can be full of contradictions; every single mom can have her own experiences according to their mindset and support system. You might feel happy and stressed, it can be a beautiful feeling or be experiencing multiple mood swings. Your body is going through different hormonal changes and you will be requiring a lot of support from family and friends

Your body is in the process to develop a tiny human being and you are surely going to experience different feelings. So just in case if you are feeling frightened by the feeling of how you are going to do this then let me list some practical solutions to get the enhanced pregnancy support.

pregancy support

Have a plan

I have seen many women who get frightened by the feeling of being a mother and they are really anxious about the thinking of raising a child. The first thing you have to recognize if you need to have a play, having a plan makes things easy for you. Your attitude towards situation plays important role in making you feel satisfied and happy, you need to have a strong plan to stay happy and positive.

Get a professional counselor

Professional counselors are professionally trained to solve your problems and you should definitely consider hiring a professional counselor that can help you throughout your journey with the required pregnancy support.

pregnancy support

Join forums and blogs

Now, this is the most cost-effective way to find a good support system, forums are the best place to share your thoughts and get suggestions from people who have experienced being in the same situation.  You can also follow different blogs to get more positivity and tips on how to deal with different things.

Know the law

Knowing federal law can play an important role in making you feel empowered, the government has been doing many different things to support childbirth and you need to educate yourself on all those topics. You can refer to blogs or ask your counselor to help you in knowing your right.

Ideas for making the tough pregnancy times a little easier

couple at fertility clinic

Fertility issues can present such tough times for a couple. These issues arouse lots of emotional stress which if not managed well, can have a negative effect on the relationship in general. Regardless of who is having problems, issues that come with problems getting pregnant effect both parties.

There is always feelings of blame and guilt. And if not careful, a couple might take such things out on one another. This might affect communication and even their sexual relationship and before long, the relationship gets to a bad place.

But you need not give up. If you had a miscarriage, you need to give yourselves a break first. It is important to mourn during such tough times. Don’t keep it bottled inside. Take time off. Refresh and recharge. Rekindle your relationship as a couple. Get to that place where you are ready to try again. Below are a few tips.

How to handle hard times getting pregnant

1. Get out of town for a weekend

couple on vacationA weekend getaway might not wipe away the fact that you are having problems. However, this can take your mind off for somedays and give you strength to face the days ahead of you. As a couple, it will also give you time to focus on one another without the pressures of trying to get a baby. Enjoy each other.

2. Plan date nights

Make a conscious effort to go on dates. Set one rule: No baby talk for that night. Go for dinner, go dancing the night away. Just be silly together and finish the night off watching the stars or the sun rise.

3. Get a hobby that takes your mind off the tough times.

There are lots of things you can do that can ease your mind even if it’s just for a few hours a day. Take a painting class or dance class together. Look for things that interest you and do those things together

4. Laugh together

Laughter is the best medicine. Go watch a funny movie. Tune into Netflix over the weekend, put down a mattress and watch a marathon of comedy series and movies. Or go to a comedy club. Just laugh!







Foods that you need to know about for a better pregnancy

pregnant woman eating

It pays a lot in the long run to know better foods that you can consume when you are pregnant. It is good for both you and the development of the baby you are carrying.

Now as a pregnant woman, one thing you need to remember is that you are eating for two. Now the nutrients you already have in your body is being used by two individuals. So you need to try as much as possible to replenish it. A healthy balanced diet is very important at this stage. You need those extra calories. This is not a time to be on diet. At the same time, don’t overeat. You might put yourself at risk of gestational diabetes and a complicated pregnancy.

Below are some of the healthiest foods that are important and beneficial during pregnancy.

1. Dairy products

The extra protein and calcium found in dairy products are important for the baby in the womb. The foods in this category are milk and yogurt (especially Greek yogurt).

Calcium is good for the healthy bone growth of the body. It will also help maintain your own bone health. The yogurt will also assist in maintaining vaginal health.

2. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great source of beta-carotene. This is usually converted by our bodies to Vitamin A which is needed for healthy development of the fetus. They are also very rich in fiber.


3. know better foods like Salmon


Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) are essential for your baby. And salmon is rich in them. These fatty acids are essential for fetal brain development and are also good for the eyes. It’s also rich in vitamin D which is essential for bone development.

4. Legumes

Lentils, beans, soybeans, groundnuts… These are a great source of Iron which every pregnant woman requires. Other nutrients they have are potassium and folic acid. They are also good for fiber which prevents constipation.

5. Eggs

Eggs are very healthy. They are very rich in protein. These are essential for the fetus’ cell development. Another nutrient your the baby requires is Choline which will help with the baby’s brain and spinal cord.


Other foods to consider in your diet as a pregnant woman are, whole grains, walnuts, dark leafy green vegetables, lean meat… The list is endless. You can find more information about things and know better foods by visiting baby websites like Baby Center which have bountiful information on pregnancies and babies.

Fertility Supplements for Men

Trying for a baby is a wonderful experience but also a stressful experience as well. Fertility problems are becoming more and more common and that has brought many solutions to the light about this problem. Male infertility is something that can be coped with.

Below are some supplements you may want to take into consideration.

FertilAid for Men

This is a natural option for reproductive health and it takes the place of a dietary supplement that supports the diet with vitamins and antioxidants. This aid is designed by doctors to optimise the quality of the sperm and help the reproductive health of men. FertilAid is also designed to increase the sperm count and help with the sperm mortality issues.

It is a 90 day treatment and it seamlessly follows your routine and enriches it with this dietary supplement.

Just keep in mind to get some advice from your doctor before start using any formulas due to possible compliance issues.

Fertilisan M

One of the most well-known supplements for male fertility out there. It is considered to have some of the most high-quality ingredients and carnitine. It is filled with vitamins, zinc, selenium and other things that make this fertility supplement one of the most effective ones when it comes to male infertility.

This supplement comes both in powdered form and in capsules as well. The only thing that can be considered a drawback is that this supplement can get a little bit expensive. It is also a 90 day treatment and we again, advice a doctor’s recommendation before the intake of any supplement.

Wellman Conception

Relatively cheaper than other fertility supplements with only one capsule per day, this supplement also provides a great combo of vitamins antioxidants and minerals that help with male infertility.
Unfortunately, one drawback is that this supplement contains the least minerals antioxidants and amino acids than other supplements.

Fertility Blend Men

This is one supplement that has been tested by University and it optimizes sperm quality while being scientifically validated. Because of its validations and years in the market, it has become one of the most trusted brands when it comes to fertility supplements.

In addition to the supplements never forget that there are many things you can do in order to increase fertility. For example: Quit smoking and lower you alcohol and caffeine intake! A healthy lifestyle helps and promotes better fertility health.

Is infertility a burden when dating a new partner?


Everyone wants to have a baby. Having a baby is amazing news for all couples. However, some couples seem to not be able to conceive a baby as much as they are trying. This comes along with great psychological, emotional, physical and financial stress. The stress is not only caused to the person that cannot conceive. It is something that is transferred to both parties of the couple.

Nearly ¼ of women report some kind of negative effect infertility on their relationships. This is more profound in new couples. But, the same women also say that infertility can, in fact, strengthen a relationship if it is approached correctly.

Is infertility a woman only issue?

No, it is not. However, in ancient years people used to believe only one thing. That all infertilities were caused by women and that infertility is 100% women’s fault. Even if men couldn’t produce enough sperm, ancient folks believed that it was caused because the woman was not turning him on enough. Well, this is false-science.

It doesn’t matter who is causing the infertility issue in a couple but one thing that is sure is that all men and women should be able to have children. The social stigma of infertility, however, still persists even in 2018. There are people that are afraid to talk about it. Men are worried that the world will see them as not men enough if they discuss how they are unable to conceive.

This is causing people that are facing infertility to feel alone. They may think that they are the only couple in the world that is facing this issue. However, there are many couples that cannot get pregnant as much as they are trying.

 You are not alone in this journey!

Listen, you are not alone nor this is your fault! This is not caused because you did something wrong or whatever! Don’t be ashamed to share this with your loved ones so they can support you and help you on this journey.

Blaming yourself or your partner will not help you conceive a child. But staying close and support each other is what will strengthen your relationship! Don’t try to punish yourself and try to get help as soon as possible. If you are still young, there is a lot of chance that a specialist can help you conceive. Success rates are high for the ages below 35! Don’t let this put you down! Rise up and Hight against it! Support your loved one so that your loved one supports you back!


Is he a family man? Red flags you should look out for

In the case where you have a new man in your life, it is almost impossible to know whether that one is worth being with or not. You should ask yourself, is he up to my standards? Is he worth spending my time with? Or is he subtly raising red flags that indicate he is not the one? If he is charming and has the looks of a supermodel, it can be easier to get distracted and look at things that really matter. That might cause some real issues in the long run though and you could end up heartbroken. It is our duty to inform you and educate you on the red flags that you might encounter.

Here are the 5 red flags when dating you should look for:

  1. He is forcing his decisions on yours

If he has the need to be on top of every decision you make and trying to make everything his way, that can be toxic. Just because you are dating that does not mean you don’t have your own opinion or you need his permission before deciding or doing anything.

A loving partner must be there for his other half and give his advice instead of forcing his decisions and giving you no other choice. You should be able to make your own decisions and take his advice, not simply following his say just because he said so.

  1. Too soon to be in love?

Let us set the word straight, there is love at first sight but love at first week is a tat too early. Is he telling you he is in love with you all of a sudden or after a make out session? Well, he is not that in love with you, instead that is him wanting to get into your pants. There are hundreds of guys and ladies who will simply say the ‘l’ word just to get laid. And there will always be someone who will fall for that.

There are two possible explanations to him saying he is in love with you on your third date. That is the reason we mentioned above, to get in your pants or he is trying to get a hold on you so that he recover from someone else. Either way, stay away from this guy.

  1. Too clingy?

Is he relying on you way too much? When was the last time he made a decision on his own? Is he always taking your word instead of having an opinion of his own? If he is the type of guy who allows his partner to take all the decisions for him, then that makes him weak. It also indicates how he does not have his own personality or has difficulty in figuring out what he wants.

You should be looking for a partner who is independent enough to take his own decisions and not someone who’s looking for a girlfriend/mother.

  1. Does he have a short-temper?

Do you find him being angry all the time? Is he taking it out on you when you had nothing to do with it? Or is he rude to anyone? This is another red flag you should avoid.

If he is constantly having a short-temper, it will be a major problem in your relationship. You will eventually be afraid to speak up your mind and won’t be able to go anywhere with him just in case he takes it out on anyone including you. It shows exactly what type of man he is and how he is handling situations.

  1. Is he older?

Are you looking to create a family with an older man? Then, get your facts right. It will be harder for you to conceive from a man in his 70s or 80s. It will most likely take years to do so with a man of that age. In the case where a man is a few years older than you, it will also take some time but not as much as it would with an older guy.

The older a man is, the longer it will take him to get his partner pregnant. The chance of conception taking more than a year is:

  • about eight percent when the man is under 25
  • about 15 percent when the man is over 35

Be careful of these red flags when it comes to dating a new guy. You do not want to end up head over heels and then left heartbroken because of the above. We warned you. Happy dating!